Spring Nurseries by Action for Children offer high quality and affordable childcare.

Spring Nurseries by Action for Children offer children and families in the United Kingdom, award winning, high quality and affordable childcare across our 48 settings. Providing childcare solutions with extended parenting services, our offer and approach is unique and informed by the pedagogy and expertise of internationally renowned Early Years practice and research, recognised by multiple awards and 100% Good or Outstanding ratings by Ofsted (or equivalent dependent on inspectorate). 

Our ethos

With over 150 years of experience in caring for children and young people, award winning Spring Nurseries developed its brand approach in 2016 to be modern, high quality and unmatched in terms of knowledge and learning opportunities for children under five years. Supporting children to learn, have fun and make friends in the brightest, engaging settings across England, Scotland and Wales. 

We have developed a philosophy of self care for our teams, encouraging all Managers to become Mental Health First Aiders, our employment terms and conditions are highly competitive and we focus on teams, children and parent well being as a priority.

We partner with many organisations to add to our offer of high quality provision including Boogie Mites, MHFA, Eat Better Start Better and more.  If you wish to partner with us then please get in touch via our social media profiles, sharing links to your work and ethos.

a small child in yellow boots walks away from the camera

Our nurseries feel fresh, warm, and cheerful – giving a nurturing, positive and energetic atmosphere where our professional and caring team inspire and enable children to discover their individuality and creativity giving them a positive attitude to learning and confidence to move on to primary school. Our nurseries are a place where parents are involved in their children’s learning, have the confidence that their children will begin their journey through educational play, early language, healthy lifestyles and an understanding of the world, learning all the skills they need to help them grow and flourish. For more information, contact us spring@actionforchildren.org.uk

Each of our settings keep in touch in the community with their own Facebook pages, you can connect with them via our central Facebook , Twitter or Instagram accounts.  Each nursery also manages a profile on www.daynurseries.co.uk where in 2019, we were voted one of the Top 20 Nursery Groups of 2019 by parents.

Our chef at Spring Milecross is a finalist in the Nursery Management Times Awards 2019, our chef at Spring Exeter a runner up in the Nursery Food Award at the recent Nursery World Awards 2019 and Spring at Bensham are the winners of the Nursery of The Year 2019 Award in the same prestigious awards.   All of our nurseries carry the Menu check for Eat Better Start Better, indicating high quality and nutritious food offered, many settings too have the Sun Safe award.