We are proud to be celebrating our dedicated and passionate teams here across all of our childcare and youth services on National Practitioner Day. This includes our 42 Spring nursery settings, our 25 Spring Oscars Out of School Club settings and 25 Airplay projects on RAF bases. We are thankful for their ongoing commitment and hard work during these trying times. Our teams have worked in unison to support one another and adapt to the circumstances we have faced during 2020, ensuring that our children and parents are kept safe, informed and happy first and foremost.

Joanne French, Head of Spring and Oscars says “I feel it is important to recognise all of our hard-working teams on National Practitioner Day including those that work with older children too. I am proud of the way you work seamlessly together, showing morale, support and determination to reach our goals and provide happiness to children and families. I recognise your commitment daily and today I would like thank you and celebrate you all.”

The Early Years sector has been called the fourth emergency service by families and professionals as we remained open during the pandemic to support keyworker parents and carers as well as vulnerable children at a time when our services were critical. For this, we thank our 16 Spring Nurseries that remained open and were able to accommodate and welcome in new children too.

Corinna Laing, Deputy Head of Spring adds “I would like to say a special thank you on National Practitioner Day for your resilience, care and commitment to the children and parents within our Spring Nursery settings, particularly throughout the most difficult 6 months we have experienced. The support and care you have shown has been outstanding. You pulled together as one, supported each other and the team spirit we witnessed has been honourable. We are proud to celebrate you and we encourage you to celebrate yourselves and one another. We are incredibly grateful to the fantastic Spring Nurseries team.”

At Spring, we provide staff with the support and appreciation they deserve everyday and we urge you to celebrate Early Years Practitioners across the sector today. Practitioners shape the minds of the future and they educate and inspire your children. Today is a celebratory day to say thank you and is a small part of what we do at Spring to ensure our staff are rewarded and recognised for their incredible work.

Jonathan Combe, Senior Operations Manager for Spring Oscars says “As we celebrate National Practitioner Day, it is the perfect time to thank our wonderful Spring Oscars staff, working across our 25 out of school care settings.  After a difficult period during lockdown when our services were unable to operate, our fantastic workforce has contributed greatly to the reopening of all our settings and most importantly, re-engaging with children, parents and families.  It has been wonderful to view first hand how Spring Oscars staff have prioritised the children’s play experiences within our settings, providing them with a safe, welcoming environment in which they can simply play and have fun with their friends. Our out of school care settings are nothing without our professional, motivated and caring workforce.  Today, we get the opportunity to acknowledge the work you do and to thank each and every one of you!”