Not five gold rings, more like five big blocks to help create something exciting! If you don’t have building blocks at home use different sized boxes – saved from packaging and presents. We’re sure there will be a few that arrived over the festive season!

Open ended block play at Spring Nurseries

Block play should be open ended – this means children can create anything they want with the blocks, there are no specific rules as to what should be built. So let your child take the lead, and don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out as expected, there is as much learning to be had from the blocks falling down as there is from building them up!

The great benefits from using blocks in play includes:

  • Block play develops children’s problem solving skills as they think about how to build, balance and structure
  • Early mathematical skills are learnt through the different shape, colour and pattern of the blocks as well as opportunities to learn about number and counting
  • Early science skills are also learnt as the blocks help children become familiar with weight, balance, spatial awareness and the concept of gravity.

Enjoy playing with the blocks, packaging, boxes – what ever you can find. Send us pictures of your creations to our social media pages, we love to see them!