Can you remember when you were little and the games you played with friends or at home? These are great to play with older preschoolers!

One of our favourite games to play at home or out and about is ‘floor is lava’ – free, no equipment and fairly straight forward to explain and understand. One person simply shouts ‘Floor is Lava!’ and everyone has to get their feet off the floor.

Where might you be able to jump up to to get off the floor – try chairs, tables, lay on toys and items. Outside you could hang on a low branch, balance on your skateboard, can you balance on any of the toys?

Hide and seek in the garden

Another easy game to set up is hide and seek. Helping children to count to ten or further, depending on their age, you can help teach them the chant of ‘ready or not, here I come’ as you wander around the house, seeking out little toes hiding behind curtains or under cushions.

Listen for giggles as your children can’t stay quiet, or if they hide super well, you can enjoy ten minutes to have a cuppa or prepare a snack!

Babies can get involved too, simply think about treasure basket and heuristic play, using very light weight items to hide behind and peek a boo rather than hiding entirely, or watch their faces as they find their brothers or sisters.

Don’t forget to share your pictures with us, we love seeing what you are getting up to at home.