Forest school has many educational and developmental benefits to children. Many of our Spring settings have qualified Forest School Leaders who organise and lead our forest school activities such as making bug houses, scavenger hunts, using leaves and natural materials found in the forest to create animals and making mud faces. The outdoors stimulates children and they gain an boost in their self-belief, confidence, communication and problem-solving skills. The outdoors also positively improves emotional well-being.

Below are some of the activity’s children get up to at Spring within our forest schools.

Forest school is great in all weathers as different weathers provide a different environment for the children to explore! Children get to use all their senses and really enjoy the hands-on freedom to investigate our environment and participate in this exciting learning experience with their peers.

“At Spring St. Barts, we use the outside space to build communication skills and social relationships as children explore and discover in the natural world. By using the outside space we help children understand how they fit into the world and what their part is to play. The learning is based around the children and will change day to day as the world does. The spaces are forever changing and discovering new items each time means the learning can take a different path every day. It gives children the opportunity to take risks while in an environment that is slightly controlled, and it also helps with holistic development. Forest school is an incredibly inclusive method of learning and play, with children who have special educational needs having a great developmental benefit from it. At Spring we are huge advocates of forest school and enjoy seeing the benefits to the children we care for.

– Freddie Collier, Spring St Barts.