We’ve brought together our favourite Hide and Seek games for you to play at home with your children.

Gather your items for a variation on the traditional Easter Egg Hunt

Find the Teddy Game

Hide a teddy and give your child clues to help them find it.

Colour Hunt

Give your child a small basket or box and help them to find red things/blue things/yellow things etc.

Treasure Hunt

Hide a small box of ‘treasure’ in the garden like old coins, junk jewellery, shells, pebbles in a box. Give your child ‘clues’ and ‘tasks’ to help them find it.

For example … take six steps forward, then three little jumps, go under the table and behind the tree and X marks the spot!’ Adapt the game according to your outdoor space using equipment you have.

Challenge Hunt

This is best experienced in a larger space. On a sheet of paper write a list of things to find…a feather, a green leaf, a tiny flower, a twig etc your child then can tick/record on the list when they find the items.

Treasure hunt with shells

Number Hunt

Record numerals 1-10 on individual pieces of paper and hide them in places around the house. Children can find the numerals and with support place them in order 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

The game can be adapted to have a Shape Hunt and find … a circle, triangle, square, rectangle, star, heart etc. For younger children adapt and hide family photographs or pictures. For older children they can enjoy the challenge of a word hunt and hide words …their name…family names etc

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