Loose parts are used in all of our Spring Nurseries. Children like to play with everyday items, forming and thinking about their own ideas and patterns. Loose parts basically refers to items children can use to create pretty much anything they want to.

They might be helpful in your den building we talked about yesterday, but it can also include the use of smaller items and materials for children to use to create with such as pasta, beans, buttons, pegs, slices of wood and more.

All of our nurseries encourage loose parts play

Think about how children get their presents on christmas day and want to play with the box, wrapping and packaging, this is an example of ‘loose parts’ play!

So on the forth day of Christmas, try some loose parts play, there are no rules, no instructions – let your children lead the way and use them however they want! Let imaginations run wild. If you want more information have a look at this leaflet from Play Scotland.

Benefits of this type of play includes:

  • Offers early mathematical opportunities through pattern creation
  • Enabling children to think ‘outside of the box’ – creative thinking is a skill for life and one we lose a bit as we get older
  • supporting independent play, developing confidence. Children enjoy having the freedom to choose and lead their own play.

To find out more about our nurseries and if there is one near you, head over to the Locations section of the website and pop in your postcode. We would love to see you in the new year, our nurseries are open to children from birth to their fifth birthday and most of our Childcare settings offer wrap around (out of school) care. This offers your child breakfast and after school club provision while you work, consistent care and a known environment to help your child feel safe and happy.