Bug hotel? Sounds like a lot of work right? No! It’s super easy and you and your children will love building it and watching it develop!

Bug hotels are a favourite activity at our Spring Nurseries and Wrap Around Clubs

Bug hotels are made out of natural objects and provides a safe space for wildlife to hide out in your garden or a nearby outdoor space. This time of year is ideal for building a bug hotel with your children as there are plenty of natural materials available to find in the woods or beach like hollow sticks or tree bark.

Go out for a walk and take plenty of bags or buckets to bring back your collected items, visit grandparents or family and gather up lots of hollow sticks and bark for your hotel.

The RSPB have a great guide to help you visualise your bug hotel and help you build it, let your children follow the directions before you set off so you know what you are looking to collect!

Why is this great?

  • Bug hotels give children a fantastic opportunity to learn about the natural world
  • Bug hotels give children an understanding of living creatures in the world and how to care for them
  • A bug hotel gives opportunity for more of those longer conversations we talked about on our earlier days – remember those serve and return conversations – like ping pong balls back and forth.

If you are interested in finding out more about brain building check out this cool page or book a visit at your local Spring Nursery and have a chat to the team! Check here for your nearest setting.