Head out for a nature walk and make some nature jewellery

Wrapping up warm and heading out together with no purpose other than to spend time together is one of our favourite things to do.

Here’s an idea for you – before you go out attach double sided sticky tape to the tops and sides of your child’s wellies, they will collect all sorts of interesting things as they wander around.

Talk to your children about what they collected, you could make a nature bracelet. Attach a band of selotape with the sticky side out around your child’s wrist. Encourage your child to stick the nature items they have found around the bracelet.

Benefits of being outside for you and your children include:

  • improving and benefits your physical health and well-being
  • developing understanding of the outside environment, the seasons, the temperature

Plus making the bracelet inside develops fie motor skills (hand-eye coordination)

Enjoy your time together and send us some pictures to our social media pages! We would love to see where you go and what you collect.