My true love gave to me a great guide to big scale mark making as THE most exciting thing to do over Christmas with your babies!

Making marks helps children develop their early writing skills and you can do this BIG scale. Use the reverse of a roll of wrapping paper, roll it out and get creative – use whatever you can find and hands, feet, fingers, toes, legs, arms – pets can get involved too!

Mark making at Spring Nursery

At nursery we use crayons, paint, pencils, glitter, glue and lots of different types of media to mark make. If you have an old light coloured sheet you can decorate that too, have a good look at what you have in your house, there will be something you can use to let those creative ideas flow.

Mark making helps to develop children’s motor skills as they use the tools and equipment that you provide for them, they learn to control the marks that they make.

Mark making is a sensory experience for young children, paint could be cold, warm, slimy – young children are supported in developing their critical thinking and mark making can help babies and children express their feelings and emotions.

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Don’t forget to use washable paint so you don’t have to worry about clothing or skin and enjoy the bubbly warm bath afterwards to get clean and snuggly to share a story afterwards.