Cooking with children is not only great fun but it provides a whole host of learning experiences for them and you also get to eat what you have crafted together (bonus!)

Stick to simple recipes and offer your child the chance to weigh, beat and stir, spread and decorate! You don’t have to switch on the oven every time, fruit kebabs are a great go to recipe as there is a lot of peeling and chopping involved, then skewers. Encourage children to share their cooking with the family or neighbours.

Get creative in the kitchen!

Remember health and safety when you are cooking with children! Think about how you teach them to safely use knives, working with heat, how to keep their hands clean and look after their health.

Cooking and food prep is a great skill to share with your children, they learn about healthy foods, where food comes from, how things grow, bits of the food you eat or peel… the opportunities are endless.

Benefits of cooking with your children include:

  • Early scientific concepts can be learned through cooking, talk to your child about how cake mixture changes from a batter mixture as it goes in the oven to the lovely spongy cakes that come out of it (hopefully !)
  • There is so much mathematical learning to be gained from cooking activities through learning about weight, size, number and volume.
  • Children can learn more about food, where it comes from and how it gets to their table – giving them opportunities to understand more about the world around them.

Show us your baking or chopping creations, use some of the ideas from Eat Better Start Better, early years nutrition guidelines and recipes, or check out some of the recipes from our award winning and award nominated Nursery Chefs, Lorraine at Spring Milecross or Debs at Spring Exeter.