We built dens!

Spring Nurseries Outdoor Activities

Our Head of Early Years, Sarah Read has added den building to her list of things to do at christmas time with your children. Why not build an exciting den with your children? Go out in the garden or woods (wear wellies and a coat in our beautiful rainy winter), dig out old clothes, some old sheets and a few bits of household items – like an airer or garden chairs!

Dens are fantastic for fostering a child’s imagination, what will yours be? A house? A castle? A rocket going to the moon? Our friends at the National Trust make lots of suggestions over on their website.

Benefits of getting involved in den building this christmas includes:

  • Giving children opportunities to problem solve as they create their den
  • Develops your child’s creative and imaginative skills – what will their den be, look like?
  • Den building supports children’s all-round physical development – both gross motor (big movements) and fine motor (hand-eye-coordination)

Have fun with it – that’s the most important thing to remember, let imaginations run wild and don’t take over adults 😉 Share your pictures on our Facebook page.