Join us and create your very own morning carpet time at home!

Here are 5 easy steps to our morning carpet time at Spring.

  1. We all gather round on the carpet area, the children will be asked to sit down in a space on the carpet. The children will be reminded of what we need to do while sitting for carpet time;

Good looking

Good listening

Good sitting

2. We will welcome the children into a new day at nursery by saying ‘Good morning’ while signing in Makaton to each individual child. Finally, we all join in together by saying ‘Good morning everyone’.

3. Nursery Calendar – First we start by saying ‘who can tell me what day it is today?’ We can prompt the children by saying ‘yesterday was …. so today is…’ Next is the date, using similar prompts ‘yesterday was …. so today is…’

4. The Weather – Finding out what the weather is today, we will ask the children to turn and face the window or door and say ‘Who can tell us what the weather is today?’ Visual prompts to help are great.

5. Morning Songs – Together we sing the days of the week song and the months of the year song.

Days of the week:

Months of the year: