How are your 12 days of Christmas going? Have you managed to stay clear of the technology and spend some time together?

For our penultimate day, we thought we would share our ideas about making up your own board games together. There are lots of different types of board games available to buy for babies and pre school children but it can be even more fun (and kinder to your pocket) to create your own.

Start simple! Use a piece of cardboard as the board, and buttons for counters (or your child’s favourite small world toys as playing pieces). Draw squares on the cardboard from start to finish and encourage children to roll a die and count the spaces as they move from one end to the other.

Colour n the squares and add forfeits or prizes, you could include prizes like ‘one hug’ or forfeits like the expected, move back one space. It doesn’t matter what you include, talk to eachother while you design and plan out the game, and know it can make no sense to you – children often have a plan and want to see it through to test it, encourage that creative thinking!

Turn taking and board games in Spring Nurseries

The great things that happen when you make board games together include:

  • Children learn rules, team work and turn taking skills.
  • Children are supported to learn how to manage their feelings and behaviour when they win or lose and learn how to support others through their emotions.
  • You can talk to children about reusing and recycling, sustainability of the planet through finding cardboard and items to make the games with.
  • Children can feel proud when they share their creations with siblings or family members.

There are lots of ideas on the website, try CBeebies or similar to get ideas of home made games. Take your creations to your nearest nursery and show them off in the new term!