Babies are curious about their surroundings and learn through using all of their senses. Treasure baskets are an ideal way to engage this natural discovery, using every day objects.

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Treasure baskets are made of everyday items you can collect

Making a treasure basket

Try using a basket with strong sides that is easy for your baby to access. You can put a piece of material or a scarf inside the basket to line it.

Fill the basket with a wide variety of everyday objects with differing textures, such as wooden objects, textiles, metal utensils, scented items and natural resources.

A parent’s role
  • Pick a time when your baby wants to be stimulated and isn’t too tired or hungry.
  • It is wonderful to watch your baby’s curiosity develop and treasure baskets are a simple way to observe how your baby investigates.
  • Place the basket beside them, allowing them to reach for items and explore for themselves.
  • Your baby will enjoy engaging in a variety of ways including looking, touching, bashing and tasting. This is all part of their natural sensory development.

Staying Safe

  • Clean objects regularly
  • Stay with your baby.
  • Avoid items that are too small.
  • Your baby will put items in their mouth so make sure there aren’t any sharp objects.
  • If you are unsure about any item, leave it out.