Silly questions to do with your children today.

Would you rather:

  1. Swim in a pool of jelly or swim in a pool of angel delight?
  2. Have a pet dinosaur or a robot?
  3. Have to swim the entire day or stay still the entire day?
  4. Be an eagle or a cheetah?
  5. Ride on a whale or an elephant?
  6. Be the size of an ant, or be the size of a house?
  7. Live fifty feet up in a tree or live in a cave underground?
  8. Be older or younger?
  9. Visit China or America (eventually!)
  10. Be covered in ants or covered in worms?
19. Live at SeaWorld or Lego Land?
  1. Have cotton balls for hair or corks for teeth?
  2. Have butterfly wings or fish fins?
  3. Have a pink cat or a flying horse?
  4. Be rich or be happy?
  5. Lose all of your toenails or lose your eyebrows?
  6. Be an only child or have eight brothers and sisters?
  7. Be stepped on by a horse or thrown by a gorilla?
  8. Have to groom a bear or ride a rhino?
  9. Live at SeaWorld or Legoland?
  10. Live at (where ever they choose for number 19) or Disneyland?

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