Joining The Nursery

  • How do I arrange a visit?

Use our ‘Location’ tool to find your nearest setting. You can give them a call or send an email to find out more information or book a visit to look around the nursery.

  • Do I need to provide nappies and wipes?

Yes. Parents need to provide enough nappies and wipes for their child.

  • What will my child need to bring with them?

At nursery your child will play outside every day.  In the cold weather they will need to be warmly dressed with a coat, hat and scarf.  In wet weather they will also need wellies.  When it’s hot, please bring sun block cream and a sun hat to keep them safe while they explore. Please always provide spare clothes.

  • Do you do settling in sessions before my child starts nursery?

Yes, we do a minimum of 3 settling in sessions fitted in around the child’s individual needs before they start nursery. In each session your child will have the opportunity to play and spend time in the nursery. You can stay with your child for the first session when we will collect information about your child’s likes, dislikes, routines and more. The second session is the registration where you will fill in the forms so we can collect the information we need and provide you with any additional information. Again, you can stay with your child or choose to complete the registration outside of the room your child is in. The third session you will leave your child for a period within the nursery for them to get used to the surroundings and other children without a parent present. Each settling in session is planned around the core parts of the day to help your child adapt to our natural nursery environment.

  • What happens on my child’s first day?

The first day is like any other nursery day. We welcome parents to call us as many times throughout the day as they wish to check on their child and hear how they are doing. You will also have access to our Famly app where you will receive real-time updates and images to show you what your child is doing throughout the day including notifications for meal times, nappy changes and more.

  • What activities will my child do?

Within our nurseries we have a huge variety of activities that we set up for the children. This can be anything from messy and creative activities such as painting and roleplay to going outside and playing within the nursery garden. We encourage lots of group activities too!

Meal Times

  • What will my child be given to eat and drink?

Snacks are generally cold and can include fruit, cheese and crackers, a toasted crumpet and much more. The children get a choice of milk or water.

For lunch the children have a hot meal and a pudding.

Tea can be anything from a pasta dish to sandwiches or quiche.

All our nurseries carry the menu check for Eat Better Start Better, indicating high quality and nutritious food offered.

  • Do I need to provide a packed lunch or snacks?

Generally, all meals are included within the price unless you are using the 30 hours free funding. For pricing and meal charges please refer to individual nursery settings.

  • Are you able to accommodate children with dietary requirements or intolerance’s/allergies?

Yes, we accommodate for all children.

Fees and Funding

  • How much will I pay per session?

Fee’s vary depending on location. Please find your local Spring Nursery.

Click here for information on help with childcare costs including tax free childcare, free funding and student finance.

  • Do you offer discount if more than one of my children are attending the nursery?

We offer a discount of 10% for the oldest sibling.

  • Do you accept childcare vouchers?

All Tax-free childcare schemes are accepted. Click here for more information.

  • How do I get the free funding for 3- and 4-year olds?

Click here to access information on free funding for 3- and 4-year olds.


  • How will I know what my child has done throughout the day?

We use the Famly app to update parents throughout the day with photographs of the children’s day including notifications of nappy changes, meals etc. We will also do a verbal handover when you come to collect your child. Within the app there is a private message facility where you can speak to the nursery staff.

  • How will I be kept updated with any changes and news?

We provide updates through the Famly app but also send our newsletters, update our Facebook pages and have parents notice boards within our nursery settings. You can sign up to our newsletter on the Spring Nurseries website homepage.