At Spring, we’re dedicated to supporting parents and children at nursery and at home. Here’s a list of different topics with links to some really helpful information. Dots by Action For Children is a fantastic resource to find parenting information, support and advice for different age ranges of babies and children with milestone indicators. Click the links below to read more on each topic.

Healthy Eating & NutritionHere you will find useful information on breastfeeding, formula feeding, weaning and healthy eating which can be filtered to find the relevant information for your baby’s age.

Development Milestones Learn how you can support your child’s developmental milestones including physical and emotional milestones along with communication, reading and writing at each different age.

Activity IdeasIt isn’t always easy to keep children occupied – especially when the weather is cold or wet. Here’s some great activity ideas!

Behavioural AdviceRead advice on how to support your child and their behaviour as they grow through the different stages.

Sleep Advice Reliable sleep advice for children aged newborn to 5 years including tips on routine, settling babies to sleep and how to deal with nightmares.

Speech and Communication Read all about the new communication skills your child is learning and how you can support their speech development.

Parent Well being It’s important as parents that we take care of ourselves too which is why there’s some excellent information on mental health and support that you can read through.